We are grateful for the many letters for thanks received from current and past patients. Below are excerpts from letters that speak of our devotion and total commitment.

    Thank you for helping make this all happen for me

    Thank you for helping make this all happen for me

    Just wanted to drop you this little message and thank you for helping make this all happen for me. The baby is beautiful! She is everything I hoped for and so much more! I will come and visit when she is a little older. I hope all is well and God bless the both of you!
    This mutual confidence is something I will always be proud of

    This mutual confidence is something I will always be proud of

    Dear Dr. Brandeis, first of all I hope all is well with you. I would like to take this opportunity to again express to you how much your efforts as a Doctor meant to us in the past but even more so how much your concern as a friend touched us. Almost from the time we first came in for our initial consultation with you I could see that our relationship would become more than just a typical Doctor-Patient situation. I a short time, we grew to become friends and shared many personal thoughts, ideas and feelings. This mutual confidence is something I will always be proud of.
    You are a wonderful person

    You are a wonderful person

    Dr. Brandeis, thank you for making my dream come true. You are a wonderful person. May God continue to bless you and keep you.
    Two miracles instead of one…

    Two miracles instead of one…

    Two miracles instead of one… two special lives have just begun.
    No words can ever thank you for making this such a special Christmas

    No words can ever thank you for making this such a special Christmas

    No words can ever thank you for making this such a special Christmas. My girls are my finishing touch on my tree. You are all so special. I hope someday we can meet again and introduce you to my special blessings. Please have a wonderful, blessed holiday and New Year.
    I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help you gave us

    I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help you gave us

    I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help you gave us in expanding our family. Our little jewel will always make us grateful for doctors like yourself who are capable of bringing so much joy to people’s lives.

    More testimonials…

      • “Dr. Brandeis, words cannot ever come close to expressing our gratitude for what you have done for us. You have given us the greatest present a couple can wish for: a brand new life. It was your total devotion, time and expertise that made this miracle possible. We feel very fortunate to have found you and count you among our dearest and closest friends. We would be honored if you will always be a part of our lives and family.”
      • “Look at our little beauty and handsome man. This was the first dance recital this past June. We think of you often. Hope you had a good holiday. Best wishes and happiness in the new year.”
      • “I feel in my heart that this boy, who is the joy in my life, wouldn’t be here without you. It is an awesome thought and I don’t know where to begin to thank you. You are a truly talented man and may good things happen in your life in 1997.”
      • “To Dr. Brandeis and Staff, thank you so much for helping us create this miracle. Words cannot express how deeply grateful we are for your genuine care, support and commitment.”
      • “Dear Vincent! For the third year already, we are thinking about you at this time of the year with warmest wishes! You’ve changed our life – or helped God to change it! We have wonderful twins: a boy and a girl. Please accept this bottle of wine bought the next they were born and our best wishes…”
      • “Dear Dr. Brandeis, thank you so much for being such a kind-hearted doctor, understanding, helpful and a problem-solver. So many hats for such a sweet distinguished gentleman. Again, thanks for helping in my time of need. I wish that we can become longtime friends. I wish you a healthy new year with many successes.”
      • “Dear Dr. Brandeis, we wish you a wonderful holiday. Thank you for making this holiday card possible. We love and enjoy our twins very much. Thank you for your help.”
      • “Dr. Brandeis, If it weren’t for your encouragement, we probably would have given up years ago and wouldn’t have ____ and ____. Hope you are doing well.”
      • “How can I begin to thank you for all you’ve done to make my life complete. You gave life to my twin daughters and I will always be grateful to you. You are such a God send and a blessing to so many people. God bless you always! My husband will contact you this summer to take you to a Yankee game. He told me he saw you at a game last summer.”
      • “Dear Dr. Brandeis, We just wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you invested into helping us achieve our pregnancy. We appreciate the fact that you were always available to answer any of our questions and would see us at a moment’s notice whenever we had a concern. You had a way of making us feel like your only patient, even though you have so many. You’ve made our first trimester a healthy and a happy one. We look forward with anticipation for the birth of our first child. We’ll always be grateful for your knowledge and assistance. You are truly a special doctor. We’ll keep in touch.”
      • “We want to thank you for the great gift you have given us and for all the hard work. I know I call a lot, but at times I feel frustrated and anxious. Please try to put up with me for the next few months ! Thank you so much.”
      • “We think of you often and are so grateful for all you have done to make the upcoming year one of joy, anticipation and excitement for us  We wish you the happiest and healthiest of New Year’s.”
      • “What can I possibly say to the man that brought us this amazing gift from God. You are a blessing to have brought us _____ . Although I haven’t been on “Law and Order” lately, thanks for watching. Health, happiness and success to you always!!! God bless you.”
      • “To my favorite doctor from ____ (baby’s name) … Thank you for my life. I am now 6 months old here.”
      • ”I thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received recently. It was the finest, most organized, comprehensive medical care I have ever encountered. Thank you for making a stressful time easier. I always felt I was in the best possible hands at the best possible place. I have never met anyone as efficient and responsible as you.”
      • “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making our dream of having child come true. He arrived on January 1 at 4:50pm – 8 lbs 1 oz. and 21 inches long. He is now 16 lbs 2 oz. and 26 ¾ inches long. God bless.”
      • “If you were ever wondering if all your hard work were worth it – it is! We thank God everyday for these 3 little angels. All the best wishes for the New Year!”
      • “Your wisdom and dedication give me hope for the future, but it is your understanding and compassion which help me endure the present. Thanks for being such a wonderful doctor. Hope your holidays are happy.”
      • “I’m finally a big sister! My little brother has arrived.”
      • “Everyday I thank God for bringing Dr. Brandeis to my life. Now I am very happy.”
      • “No words can ever describe the joy and total fulfillment we have experienced since June 30th. Without your help and guidance, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for making this possible for us. We are forever grateful. Much love…”
      • “We hope the past year was a good one for you. We are all doing fine. The boys are wonderful! They are running, playing and talking. They are even starting a school program this year. Time goes so quickly, but we are enjoying every minute with them. Believe it or not, we hope to talk to you in the coming year about the possibility of another child! We think of you often and are forever grateful.”
      • “It is impossible to express how grateful we are for all you have done for us. You are a very special doctor with such dedication and caring – which is so rare. You will always have a special place in our hearts. I wanted you to have this sculpture. When I just started on the infertility journey 4 years ago, I had seen a particular image in my mind while meditating. This piece is based on that and was my good omen during those years. Although it will never compare to what you’ve been able to give us, it will hopefully be a token of our tremendous thanks. Besides – it works terrific as a vase as well.”
      • “Thank you so much for helping me have the most beautiful baby boy. You are an amazing doctor. I’ve never known one to spend so much time with a patient and to be so caring and understanding. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I’ll think of you often.”
      • “Here we are at 2 yrs of age. We’re sending you our picture because you are so special to our Mommy and Daddy and we know they’d like you to see us. We love you and hugs and kisses.”
      • “On October 20, our dreams for the past three years had finally become reality. We want to thank you for helping us to realize our dream of the birth of our second child. We feel he is truly a miracle that we never thought would happen. Your expertise and compassion for helping us and many others surely is a special gift. We know that with my disease, we may have never been able to conceive our son without your help. We just want to acknowledge our great appreciation for you and all you have done for us. We thank God everyday for our children and people like you who assisted in making them a part of our life. Gratefully yours…”
      • “Dear Dr. B, thank you for your kind and comforting ways. We appreciate the time you take to answer the same questions again and again…”
      • “We will always be grateful to you for your rapid, diligent and effective tackling of our problem. It was just over a year ago that we first saw you. You must know how delighted we are and how much richer our lives are already because of _______ and _____. Thank you always. “
      • “Mere words cannot express what you have done for us. Each day we stare at our new daughter and marvel at what a miracle she is. It is only because you never gave up on us and your positive outlook that we have her.”
      • “After 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles with another doctor in Manhattan, you did almost everything different and it was a success at the first try. We would like to thank you for the most precious gift you made possible for us. Our best wishes and prayers are with you and the wonderful work you do.”
      • “I would like to take this time to introduce you to my twin daughters. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for making our family complete. You don’t know how happy we are. We have been through a lot for the past 2 yrs but our dream has finally come true. I hope someday our paths will cross and I can thank you with the girls. Please give my best to your Mom.”
      • “What can we say to thank you? What comes to mind as you say in your own words “Amazing” and this is how we are feeling now! We would also like to thank you (without being redundant) for giving us hope when there were times that the light of hope was looking pretty dim. We thank God as well for leading us to you as an instrument of life. We hope you can join us in celebration when the day arrives.”
      • “You must be a happy person since you help people to make their dreams come true. I have not enough word to thank you for what you did for us.”
      • “We want to thank everyone at the office for being so kind and helpful in getting us through this past year. Now we are grinning ear to ear – thanks”
      • “Vincent – here’s our little miracle. I look forward to catching up with you maybe over Christmas week? Would love to introduce you to our baby.”
      • ‘Thank You’ is too simple a word for us to say to you as a way of expressing our gratitude and appreciation for giving us what we thought nearly impossible – a chance to have another child. We never gave up hope, a fact we attribute mostly to your dedication to the field of infertility and the care and interest you show toward your patients’ progress. We will let you know when the baby arrives!”
      • “Thank you for your gentle words during our conversation yesterday. I feel that when a person chooses a doctor, she puts way often his or her life in his hands and I feel that I made the right choice.”
      • “At this time a year ago, we were awaiting our pregnancy test results after our first round of IVF. Today, we have a beautiful baby boy who is perfect in every way. He is truly a miracle.”
      • “For the longest time we have wanted to drop you a note of our sincerest thanks. Our lives have been blessed with a beautiful boy. Labor and delivery were fine and since then our busy days have been nothing short of the greatest joy watching our sweet baby grow. Believe it or not, he is now 7 months old! Your help, patience and caring in our pursuit to get here in our lives is thought of almost daily – we will never forget! We will see you when we try for Baby # 2!”
      • “This is just a small note to say thank you on behalf of myself and my husband. We never thought it would happen for us. You helped us to fulfill a dream. I am so happy knowing that I’m pregnant especially with triplets. But we just wanted to say thanks for all you did and your staff. Everybody was nice to us even when we’re a pain. My whole family would like to thank you for what you have given us. It truly is a miracle.”
      • You are all warm, loving and caring and we wouldn’t have done it without you. Our little girl sends her best to you through her mother’s abdominal wall (right through the birth line) Love…”